Modern Tie-Dye Fashion

My two teen daughters decided to start making tie-dye t-shirts. At first I was hesitant because I thought that it was an old style from the 1960’s. I didn’t want to discourage them and say, “Girls, people aren’t wearing that style anymore.”  You don’t want to stop the creative process or those wonderful ideas that are going on in their heads. So, I watched as not one, but many shirts were produced with eager hands that hot summer. They were determined to bring each shirt to life. When I looked at the finished products, my eyes would go to the imperfections of each one; the fraying on the sleeve, the unclean cuts made by blunt scissors, the fabric glue that appeared to float off the shirt, etc. I thought to myself,” Mmmm, it could be a little neater.” I stopped myself again because there is no wrong in art. Its better to advise than criticize. They were happy and smiling. I gave them big hugs and told them I was proud. I decided that day, its best to ask my  artists questions, listen to their ideas, and give them the best supplies for their creations. The next day, I went to the store, and bought a shiny new pair of fabric scissors.

Click on the link for their latest creations. Enjoy! Lifie Clothing on Etsy

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