Jewelry buying tips

There are many online boutiques and websites to purchase jewelry for yourself or as gifts. Ordering jewelry on these sites may seem a little difficult because you aren’t present to try on the pieces. To take the hassle out of sizing for the right fit, you can use a Jewelry Sizing Chart to help simplify your shopping experience. I found this link very helpful for bracelets and bangle sizing:

Bracelet Sizing – How to Measure Your Wrist Size for a Perfectly Fitting Bracelet

Bracelet Sizing with a measuring tape.
Bracelet Sizing with a measuring tape.

 If you want to jazz up your party dress, or accentuate an evening gown, get a necklace that fits comfortably and matches your fashion style. This link helps you find the best necklace/chain length and also has a printable ring size chart that you can use to measure your fingers. If you’re buying jewelry gifts for family and friends, share the links so they can give you their correct measurements:

Jewelry Sizing Guide | Bracelet Sizing | Necklace Sizing | Ring Sizing

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